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An Intuitive Database

More than 9000 of extra-ordinary materials, more than 5000 referenced manufacturers! Do some research: this virtual material library brings together all the references carefully selected by the matériO team (the direct contact info of suppliers are included). The ergonomic online tool facilitates intuitive, simple and fun research, for rich and surprising results. An indispensable tool! Showroom and online database are updated daily and constantly feed on the latest global innovations.

  • Tableware made of wheat bran
  • Ink or paint made of soot
  • Geometrical Wood Shapes Compositions
  • Cork modules
  • Fur reworked
  • Thermobonding sheets
  • Paper made from denim
  • Marble textile
  • Mix natural fibres bioplastic
  • 3D printed wood
  • Textile from recycled seat belts
  • 100% hemp paper
  • A mushroom resilient floor
  • Not slate made of lasers
  • Stabilized Aluminium Foam
  • Cork cord
  • Bio-based yarn derived from kelp
  • Biodegredable plastic
  • Sculpted plywood panels
  • Super green packaging!
  • Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells
  • A tissue made with plastic!
  • Metallic Strech fabric
  • Printed solar panels
  • plasma yarn coating with any metal
  • Recycled barley waste tile
  • Non-woven microfiber polyester fabric
  • Leather made of 100% silicone
  • Butts finally recycled!
  • Flooring made of recycled waste
  • Thermo Reactive Yarn
  • satin thermoformé
  • A thousand-year-old wood
  • 3D effect
  • Locks carbon in place
  • Who's that Pokemon? 
  • Wooden 3D Wall Panel
  • Patterns marquetés
  • Bamboo panels
  • Wooden scales
  • Bio-active wall
  • Plates made of recycled paper and cardboard
  • Hemp paper
  • Imitation leather from mushroom
  • 3D printing silicone
  • A carved knit and a painted latex
  • A grass paper !
  • Ultra Light Burnt Ceramic
  • Corn leatherette
  • Translucent recycled material
  • Non-woven wool
  • Recycled leather acoustic panels
  • Highly strong composite
  • Recycled plastic
  • Fiber made of Himalayan nettles
  • Metal tiles
  • Recycled leather
  • Growing crystals inside textile
  • A fiberglass textile that does not burn
  • Led integrated to wall paper
  • Crystallized Metal Tile
  • Window Covering
  • Marbled recycled plastic
  • Aluminium and Wood
  • Cells make leather substitute
  • Compostable plastic bag
  • Cords for mosquito curtains
  • Form following texture
  • Panels playing with light
  • A resin for 3D wood fiber composites
  • When textile and acrylic resin meet
  • Rusty tiles
  • Recycled fishnets
  • Badminton shuttlecock chipboard
  • Plastic mesh Demister
  • Injection molding plastic
  • 3D Printing wall
  • A cup of coffee or... a coffee cup
  • Naturtal 3D insulation panels through moulds
  • A semi water-proof nano-coating
  • Vegetable and fruit papers
  • Smart material
  • 3D knitting machine
  • Iridescent surface
  • A bio-tiful composite!
  • Polyamide and polyester screening materials
  • Leather with paper effect
  • Surfacing veneer in corn husks
  • Ultra precise laser cutting
  • An interactive packaging!
  • Scales on textile
  • Circular composite stone
  • Conversion filter range
  • Upcycled graphite dye for textile
  • Crosslinked foam from recycled polyethylene
  • Extreme concrete
  • Work the paper like leather
  • Pineapple skin
  • Paper and vegan "leather" made from banana tree fibers
  • Custom your packing label!
  • Colorful solid surface on a birch plywood
  • Silicone Surface
  • Coated textile
  • Origami veneer
  • 3D printing silicone
  • A bubble leather entirely recycled
  • Bent stone sandwich construction
  • A protective coating as effective as a carnivorous plant
  • Stablized wood
  • Blackest flocked tissue
  • 3D printed terrazzo flooring
  • e-ribbon
  • Low temperature thermoformable polymer sheets
  • Lightning with effect of depth
  • PHB bioplastic from waste oil
  • Impregnated rattan sheets
  • Thermochromic paint sets
  • Aluminum foam obtained thanks to salt crystals
  • Hard foam
  • 100% recycled cardboards coloured in the mass
  • Organic surfaces
  • PU injected on textile
  • Torchon lace combinated
  • Using the rest of the cotton bud
  • Recycled PolyEthylene Foam
  • Wood-looking composite
  • Heating membrane
  • Titanium Fishnet
  • Enhanced woods
  • Lava enamel
  • Biocomposite
  • A concrete that mimics oysters?
  • Regenerated leathers
  • Textile waste material
  • Luminous Concrete
  • mycelium textile
  • Seaweed sheets
  • Cork sheets
  • The wave cardboard
  • Foolproof recycled PVC
  • Hemp-based material
  • Pigments from recycled metal wastes
  • A material that doesn't get dirty!
  • PLEXIGLAS® laser engraving
  • Organic materials, cool metal or mellow textiles, embedded in transparent plastic
  • A revolutionary PV glass
  • Woven tube
  • Prismatic Acrylique Sheets
  • Metallic laminated glass panel
  • Polymer nonwoven fabric
  • Biocomposites
  • Seaweed textiles
  • Digital printing in laminated glass
  • Corn Bioresin
  • Cocoa elastomer
  • Recycled sourced felt
  • Recycled plastic tile resembling terrazzo
  • Resin-coated panels
  • A net for everything!
  • Agricultural waste packaging
  • High Security Ink
  • Parachute textiles
  • Hemp based materials
  • Solid wood sheets
  • Safety and comfort foam
  • Ceramic foam
  • Naturals Glitter
  • Stone printing
  • PCV coating on fabric
  • Incremental Forming
  • From mushrooms and hemp
  • Silicone enduction
  • Moldable cork
  • Recycled concrete
  • Recyled Drop-Paper panels
  • 3D printing with very Very high resolution
  • Copper plated Non-Woven
  • High-tech textile & Ruby
  • Oyster concrete
  • Holy coffee grounds!
  • Diamond coating
  • A yarn made of recycled wool
  • Recycled chewing-gum
  • Thermoplastic composite fibers
  • High quality papier-mâché
  • Vegetable sourced wool
  • The union of marble and wool
  • A thin, flexible, scalable tile with dynamic RGB LEDs
  • material made of hemp envelopes
  • Beeswax packaging!
  • Fish skin leather
  • Vegetal plastic
  • Iridescent and translucent textile
  • A wire directly coated with cork
  • Infinite Terrazzo
  • Furniture with feather ornaments!
  • Tactile ergonomic surface
  • Heating textile technology
  • Casted foam cushion

Come see and touch several thousand samples of unique products, materials and technologies, sorted by major families. An effervescent place where creators come to manipulate and to be inspired ... A real Ali Baba cavern for designers!

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