Cloud Sensor

Vincent Leroy is prolix, and Vincent Leroy travels, the lucky one.

Pop-Corn Packaging

Would popcorn be an interesting new alternative to EPS, for applications in protective packaging as well as in building insulation?


A Mondrian painting in 3D? The conceptual model of the new Philadelphia mall? No! But the exact composition of a VW Beetle from 1979.

A WoodFoam to replace EPS

For more than 10 years now, a group of researchers from Aalto University (Finland) has been exploring the different possible transformations of wood.

Stronger than Spider Silk

Researchers at the University of Tsukuba have developed an extremely strong and particularly flexible conductive fiber that holds promise for flexible electronic materials.

matériO' Conference at Re_Fashion Day

matériO was invited on October 5 to participate in Re_Fashion Day, a conference with meetings, debates and discussions on the future of the textile sector and the best practices to be adopted from

A textile that grows underground...

German artist Diana Scherer, who has been producing superb openwork patterns for several years by constraining and manipulating the root part of various growing plants, is now planning, in partners

Sea lettuce, resource for the future?

A little taste of the seaside, sea spray and these mountains of invasive algae that litter our beaches (yes I know, I'm breaking the atmosphere a bit, sorry), with this very beautiful exposure abou