A textile that grows underground...

German artist Diana Scherer, who has been producing superb openwork patterns for several years by constraining and manipulating the root part of various growing plants, is now planning, in partners

Sea lettuce, resource for the future?

A little taste of the seaside, sea spray and these mountains of invasive algae that litter our beaches (yes I know, I'm breaking the atmosphere a bit, sorry), with this very beautiful exposure abou

Concrete cookies!

Food scraps recycled in materials harder than concrete, and nevertheless edible! 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted worldwide every year.

Rings to turn light into words

Déjà plusieurs années que nous vous parlons de la société Rayform, pour une innovation aussi pointue, magistrale que poétique.

The Coolest White, literally

After the blackest black, the most electric phosphorescent, the most glamorous reflector, here is white whiter than white!

3D printing clothes

We know 3D printing for ten years and continues to evolve and surpass itself. Many fields have looked at this practice.

Up-cycling of plastic, thank you enzymes

Good news is scarce nowadays, and this one is great for the planet. The Carbios company has just produced the first transparent bottle from rPTA (Recycled Purified Terephralic Acid).