The bio-inspired alternative to plastic

A team of chemists from Hefei University in China are currently working on the development of a new composite directly inspired by the structure of mother-of-pearl.

My transparent paddle

On the eve of a probable reconfinement, let's escape at the sea a bit, on my transparent paddle board.

matériO' "seen on TV"

The France 3 TV show "Paname" did us the honor of coming to visit us ten days ago, for a quick discovery of material, embellished with some handling of strange materials.

Cellular Segmentation

It looks like diatoms or other microorganisms suspended in the seabed, phenomena of cell divisions, the genesis of an embryo.

The Brightest!

Scientists at Indiana and Copenhagen Universities have succeeded in creating the most fluorescent material on earth.

PELLIS, the Skin...

A beautiful project by Pauline Esparon, young designer graduated of Design Academy Eindoven, and incidentally former prominent intern at matériO'.

Concrete Sofa

The Viennese designer Philipp Aduatz, who had already presented his 3D concrete printed lounge chair at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2018, is doing it again today with an elegant range of outdoor


It was in the last century, on October 5, 1985 precisely.

Re-thinking takeaway

It is always more judicious and effective to solve a problem at the root than by devious and superficial ways.

Les Ouébinaires matériO'

matériO', durant la période de "distanciation sociale" (sic)  de gestes barrières et autres fariboles masquées lance une série de conférences, tables rondes et autres ouébinaires confinés.