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First self-lubricating Codom!
17 10 2018

Slippery subject if there is one, the condom has greatly contributed to the advancement of polymer science over the past century, because the technical constraints in this sector are very severe. The industry today offers real innovations, with extremely fine and comfortable hoods, but which nevertheless know how to remain totally waterproof, tearproof or at least very resistant and very elastic to be able to conform to our various anatomy and finally totally hypo-allergenic. Remained a delicate point, lubrication, essential for reasons of comfort but also to limit the risk of tearing. silicone oil has been used as a lubricant but loses its effectiveness during prolonged frolics. The solution could be found thanks to Professor Mark Grinstaff (Boston University) and his students: a condom that becomes slippery when it’s in contact with vaginal secretions and more generally when it’s in a humid environment. So, this is the first self-lubricating hood, the plastic film itself generates slipperiness thanks to its composition, part made of water-soluble polymers. Using a polymer that loves water when making love, this is very consistent. A full-scale test was carried out, 75% of the people solicited have approved it! We are certain that this material innovation initiated once again by the condom could find many other applications.


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